Welcome to our Private Server

Strengthen your computer and disguise your IP address by connecting to the internet through our hardened dedicated server. There are many vulnerabilities on the web, new ones are found each day and more sophisticated programs are built to take advantage of them. When stripping out code with our proxy system, you are instantly lowering the chances that nasty exploits will be performed against you. All delivered via high speed connection, behind an independent firewall and a well maintained server rack.

Begin enforcing your privacy rights

One advantage is you never have to download any applications as the data is all processed automatically for a top anonymity service. We have made many tweaks and optimizations to make sure everything works seamlessly. You can even create virtual cookies, which store all the bits of information needed to interact with many sites. In combination with the best antivirus programs and firewall software, we can minimize much of the history you leave online - like a basic VPN.